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Stray away from the conventional

It’s time to step away from the cliché souvenir vacation photos and walk into the beauty and timelessness of black and white photography portraits.

This monochrome memento of your vacation will highlight the unique features that make you beautiful while capturing the essence of your soul, resulting in an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind souvenir.

The Mexican Caribbean’s stunning ambiance, dramatic stormy skies, and calmness create the perfect background for a minimalist composition to capture the details that matter.

For these artistic portraits, I focus on lighting, shade, textures, shapes, expressions, and lines. By using an 85mm portrait lens and natural lighting, your beauty will shine through without the use of photoshop.

As an artist, this kind of portrait makes me think differently, and I am excited to help you create an exquisite portrait for a timeless souvenir.

You are art, and it’s time to show it.

Additional digital photo download 50 USD

  • Coverage by Jorge Rodriguez
  • Unlimited wardrobe changes
  • Fully edited photos are available via a private online gallery
  • A retainer fee is required
  • Resorts - Hotels may charge a vendor fee or day pass
  • Meet you at the nearest public beach or the preferred location.

If you are looking for color and traditional photos, please click here.