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How to Get the Best “Getting Ready” Photos on Your Wedding Day in Playa del Carmen

The getting ready, or preparations, portion of your wedding day is filled with intimate moments between you and your family and best friends. It is also filled with plenty of nervousness and expectations, and it is no surprise that emotions run high during this time.

Your getting ready time will set the mood for the rest of your wedding day, and for this experience to be pleasant and enjoyable, it needs to be well organized.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning the getting ready / preparations part of your wedding day:

We will photograph all of the major moments and emotions: preparations, interactions between family and friends, and the different details of the wedding attire.

If you start getting ready as early as possible, it’s easier to avoid those wedding jitters. Allow a little more time than you think it should take. You don’t want to be rushed!

For some people, a little alcohol can take off the edge. Often a couple will have a champagne bottle, cold beers, or a little bit of scotch or whiskey for the preparation rooms.

Do not forget to eat breakfast! Order room service early in the morning to be sure both you and your attendants have some food in their stomachs.

Dehydration is pretty common here due to the tropical weather. Prioritize drinking water to avoid the risk of heatstroke, and only hydrate with electrolytes when necessary.

Share your hourly itinerary with your guests, family, and vendors. This will allow everyone to enjoy themselves without missing or delaying any part of the wedding.

Don’t forget to share the room number you will be getting ready at with your parents and bridal party; this will avoid any confusion on the day. You may want to assign a friend or family member to answer your phone to handle any calls on the morning of the wedding.

Please remember we will photograph you in your hotel room; a clean, organized and well-lit space helps assure amazing photos. Make sure to keep just the essentials on hand and hide the items that aren’t necessary.

If you are tying the knot at a Cancun wedding venue, remember these resorts are very big – a great way to avoid major delays is to get to know the shortcuts at each resort. On the other hand, if you are getting married at a Tulum wedding venue, these eco-chic hotels tend to be smaller and more intimate.


I highly recommend a second outfit for summer weddings. After the ceremony and formals, the couple has another outfit ready that is elegant but fresh, and comfortable enough to dance in all night!

Consider matching robes/shirts/neutral colors for everyone that will be joining you for that part of the day to avoid any poor clothing choices that may stand out in photographs, and coordinate with your color or theme.

The couple and all family and bridal party members should have their wedding outfits and accessories organized the day before the event, and easily accessible. This is to avoid running around and messing up your room, hair, or make-up to find something, which is also stressful. Lay it all out the night before.

Wedding attire organization is the perfect time to remove any tags, stickers, and plastic bags from all articles of clothing – that includes underwear. If you are wearing sheer or tight clothing, removing all tags is a must, or you will get bulky lumps or prices showing from underneath the fabric.

For Women:

Getting interrupted while getting your hair and makeup done breaks the relaxing tone of the day. Make sure to compile all of the wedding details to be photographed in the same place. This includes the dress, shoes, invitation, jewelry, and hairpieces.

If your dress is strapless or backless, avoid wearing a bra during preparations so you don’t have any bra marks that show up.

Some brides have been dreaming of a certain wedding dress since they were little; if the dress photographs are very important to you, please consider buying a nice wooden dress hanger that makes your dress shine in photographs.

When wearing a wedding gown with buttons down the back, you will need a crochet hook and a pair of gloves or a set of clean hands. You’ll also need someone in your bridal party to learn how to bustle your gown and wedding dress.

Stains in your wedding dress are something all brides fear. If it happens, don’t panic, but move quickly! Remove the excess, dab, don’t rub. Put the stain remover/water on a white napkin and put a towel under the stain, press the napkin on the stain until the stain transfers into the napkin.

If a piece of fabric or some threads get stuck on the wedding dress zipper, do not force it; instead, kneel, get your head under the dress and cut the snag, then slide the zipper back and try to zip it again.

For Men:

A tuxedo or suit, a shirt, collar, sleeves, and pants that fit properly are very important for an attractive wedding portrait of the groom. Cufflinks, watches, rings, and other accessories add some personality.

For tuxedos and suits:

  • Remove noticeable stitches on the tux around the shoulder area.
  • Take out the two small threads that secure the vent (flap above your butt) in the shape of an X.
  • Remove the label stitched in the front cuff of the tux.
  • Unstitch the pockets.

Men and bowties: Please practice or watch YouTube tutorials on how to tie a bowtie or a regular tie. I’ve witnessed pretty stressed grooms sweating while trying to do their ties, there’s no need to struggle.

Remember that the boutonniere is always attached to the left side of the jacket, above a man’s heart, and must cover the buttonhole.

Hair and Makeup:

Brides, if you have a large wedding party, please do your hair and makeup in the middle of the rest of the girls. This way you are not the last one to be ready, which will allow you to relax and enjoy some time with your bridesmaids, allowing for more memories to be captured in photographs.

Regarding hairstyles, make sure you consider that the beach can get very windy, and you may want to choose a style that is partially or fully pulled back to avoid hair covering your face during photos.

Please avoid shimmery makeup; it doesn’t work very well with humid weather. Instead, go for a more natural, flat, simple but flawless airbrushed look.

A note for the wedding couple:

Invite your closest family member to be in the room with you when you get ready. This may be your mom or dad, or a sibling or friend. He or she can help you get ready and we can capture some great moments between the two of you.

Brides: A “first look” with your dad is an amazing moment to experience, it can be very emotional and I would love to capture your father’s reaction to preserve this memory for years to come.

Lastly, do not leave your rooms for the ceremony without your wedding rings, bouquets, and your room key to get back in!

Now go and get married to the love of your life!