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How to Get Amazing Portraits at Your Playa Del Carmen Wedding

We can all agree that your wedding day is full of memorable events. After photographing hundreds of destination weddings in Playa del Carmen, I’ve found that the time spent photographing the wedding portraits yields some of the most fun and unforgettable moments of the entire day.

I’ve gathered some tips on maximizing your time and helping your photographer get wedding photos that you will want to hang on the walls and share with the world.

Before the Wedding


Remember what we will be photographing during this time: a group photo, family portraits on each side, the bridal party, and the couple alone together.

Make a List

Planning goes a long way in photography, so before the event, create a “must-have” photo list with the essential people and photographs. Choose someone in the bridal party or family who knows everyone on the list to be a liaison for the photographer and grab anyone needed for photos.

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere. Feel free to create Pinterest boards or look on Instagram for wedding photography inspiration – these are perfect ways to help me know what you like as a couple and your expectations for wedding photos.

I love newlyweds who take the initiative to create something different, so feel free to suggest anything you would like to try. It is your day; let the creative ideas flow!

Practice Your Smile

If you feel like you are fake smiling, relax your face and jaw muscles with a few face stretches. Get to know your facial expressions by practicing your smile in front of a mirror. Celebrities know exactly how to flash their perfect smiles to cameras; find yours!

Keep in mind this basic but important tip: Keeping your chin forward and looking slightly down will show a slimmer face and neck, hide a double chin, and makes your eyes appear larger.


The vast majority of people have insecurities or are self-conscious about certain things; we are human, we all feel this way. If you share your insecurities with me ahead of time, I can pose you to be more comfortable and get beautiful, flattering photos you will love.


Practice wearing your shoes and dress at least a few times before the big day. A great time is during your fitting appointment – do not hesitate to take a little walk around in your dress and shoes.


If you are debating on a veil or not, my opinion is yes! I love long veils and trains in wedding photos because I can capture them in so many different and creative ways.

On the Wedding Day

Be Yourself

Weddings are all about celebrating you and your partner’s love; remind your parents and wedding party to loosen up and be themselves in front of the camera so that we can capture that in photographs!

Don’t be shy during portraits; it’s time to celebrate and shine! Confidence is everything, and you would be surprised how much it shows in photographs.


If suddenly you find yourself feeling anxious or nervous during the wedding day, remember to breathe – this will send oxygen to your brain – and close your eyes. There are many emotions at a wedding, and “grounding yourself” for a minute can help you relax.

Watch the Details

Weddings often last 6 - 9 hours, which means you will be eating, drinking, dancing, and celebrating during that time. Keep an eye out and check each other for imperfections such as food in teeth, visible undergarments or bra straps, necklace clasps, and makeup or hair problems that would show up in photos.

Eyes on the Photographer

Everyone at the wedding will snap hundreds of photos; however, during the formal portraits, I strongly recommend focusing on my camera and directions if there are others taking pictures. This way, your professional images will be even more amazing!


During the rest of your wedding day, there is no need to stop and pose for the camera unless you want a staged portrait. Allow the day to unfold naturally, and we will be there to capture everything and then some.

During the few minutes between the different wedding activities, I recommend you keep interacting with guests and family. The images captured from these candid moments are lovely photos that complement the formal portraits.


Your wedding portraits will show how much you love each other and how you interact with each other. These photos will be a future reminder of all of the emotions and excitement and the path that took you to a Mexican paradise to say “I do.” During the couple photos, feel free to talk, hug, kiss, or interact with each other, and we will direct you as needed.

Sometimes couples need a quick break during the session. If you ever want to stop for a few minutes, please let us know. We are all about capturing beautiful moments, but the experience should be enjoyable as well.

No two couples are alike, so if you feel that you don’t need many portraits, or if posed groupings are not your thing, let me know, and we can focus on capturing more candid or spontaneous moments with your loved ones.