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How to Turn your Wedding Reception in Playa del Carmen Into a Night You Won’t Forget!

The wedding reception: the ceremony and formals are complete, and it’s time to relax and party! The reception is one of the most exciting parts of the day—you have the opportunity to dance and mingle with the family and friends that have traveled to Playa del Carmen to celebrate your love.

We will be photographing every bit of your wedding reception: the grand entrance, couple’s first dance, parent dances, toasts, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, the fun and funky dances throughout the night. We know there is no couple or wedding alike, and not all of the events have the same activities; however, rest assured we will capture all of your important moments.

When the wedding day is over, and you look back through your album, you will be able to relive all those moments and share those memories with generations to come.

When planning your Playa del Carmen wedding, consider these tips to have the best reception ever:

Organizing the wedding party and family members 10 to 15 minutes before the grand entrance is a smart move that will ensure no delays.

The entrance aisle should be wide enough for both of you to enter the room side-by-side, so there is ample room for bridal party introductions. Feel free to dance, celebrate, and drop your best dance moves as you get announced into the reception!

Uplighting the dance floor not only looks great in photographs, but it also entices people to dance.

A good MC (Master of Ceremonies) and DJ (Disk Jockey) can direct your wedding in the most fun way so everyone will have an unforgettable night! Make sure to create a list with them ahead of time with the entrance order and proper pronunciation of everyone’s names.

After your entrance, I recommend you go right into your first dance. This way, you’ll have everyone’s attention focused on you and your partner on the dance floor. The first dance typically lasts from 3 - 5 minutes.

Let the bridal party know that if the dance floor is empty, they should help out — by dancing their socks off! Other guests will join in, and even the more inhibited guests might get up and enjoy the dance floor!

I recommend having different songs for each parent dance, around 3 - 5 min each, rather than do one dance with everyone together. This way, I can focus on the two on the dance floor and other’s reactions. Plus, you will be each able to watch your partner dance with their loved one.

For reception toasts and speeches, a wireless microphone and good lighting are key elements, so the guests can hear who is talking, and the speaker can read what he or she wrote. Having a backup microphone is a good idea in case of any technical issues. Your DJ or MC should provide the necessary audio equipment for you.

For speeches, I highly recommend the speaker stands next to the couple or head table, so I can capture both the speaker and the newlyweds in the frame.

I advise you to provide the people doing speeches with a time limit, to avoid bored guests or a cold meal.

During the couple’s toast, make sure to speak up, allow your emotions to flow, and tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.

During dinnertime, the photography service is temporarily suspended. The best time for photographers to eat is when you are eating; this way we use the time booked in the most effective way possible. Please remember to ask your wedding coordinator or the catering staff to serve us the meal at the same time as you. As soon as we finish eating, we will continue to capture beautiful moments.

Are you considering traditional reception table photos? We are happy to do them! However, it is important to schedule them ahead of time in your reception timeline to avoid delaying the rest of the events.

While the cake cutting is taking place, remember you don’t need to stop the party for it. I recommend cutting it right after dinner so everyone can have a piece. For display and when you cut the cake, keep it in a prominent and well-lit space, so the photographs are equally beautiful. Avoid setting up the cake in the dark corners of the venue.

Many brides love to toss the bouquet, which is a super fun activity to share with your guests. If you choose to do the garter and bouquet tosses, I recommend doing them immediately before or after the cake cutting.

Fun reception photos are my specialty; they’re such entertaining and exciting events! I love how everyone is relaxed, having fun, and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Grab a shot of tequila and show off your best moves!