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Family photographer

I believe that true magic lives in plain sight written across human experiences and our reactions to what surrounds us, in the simplicity of a joyous smile, a look of love, and the warmness of a hug.

True magic lies hidden in those moments that mark our lives – your first baby, the culminations of years together, belonging to a big family or forming your own tribe with friends. What better way to celebrate that than to capture it in photo.

Apparent chaos and imperfections bring out the perfect family portrait. Don’t fret over crying babies or messy children, come be a child with your children – get wet in the crashing waves, form castles in the sand, fly like birds on the beach, run, splash and play.

Big families are the best! There are so many smiles to share with your loved one, so much more fun when everyone is together. Besides the photos, you’ll take home unforgettable memories of you and your family together during this one hour of fun.

Whether you’re announcing to the world the arrival of the newest member of the family, commemorating grandpa and grandma’s 50 years of legacy, or the simple fact that your son and husband share that smirky smile you love so much. Perhaps grandma wants a family photo of her and all her grandkids – from the smallest and most innocent to the grumpy teenager who ends up having all the fun at the photo shot.

I have also worked with individuals who simply want to go beyond the Facebook selfie and wish to showcase their beauty and personality in a photo session. Cenotes and beaches are a fantastic location to highlight the fun spark each of us carry and bring out some truly cool photos.

Whether it’s the family you were born into, the family you chose to form, the kids or the adults being kids, or the individual portraits, I like to work with you to have an enjoyable and fun time, to keep our energies up and our creativity flowing and create a beautiful representation of the human spirit.

What are we celebrating? Let’s plan your photo session in Cancun - Riviera Maya - Tulum.