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Tulum Maternity Photography

We are Aztecas.

As we usher in a new life and new gift to steward, we look towards the heavens and say thank you to our ancestors and God.

We have arrived at this moment, and we recognize the sacrifice, endurance, and commitment to life our ancestors had to endure to ensure our survival.They came with their crosses and with their guns and tried to silence us with violence— yet here we are: aware of everything that brought us to this moment. My sons are warriors to the highest, and they will honor the lives of their ancestors. They will know who they are, where they come from, and that they are blessed. We cherish every moment given and reclaim all that they have violently attempted to erase.

We are Los Piñas. We are Aztecas, mestizaje, gente sin razón, Mestizos, Mexicanos, and Chicanos — we stand proud of who we are and the blood that flows through our veins and the veins of our children.

-Los Piñas.

Amazing maternity session experience, professionalism, and expertise.

As someone heavily involved in photography and film, I can honestly say Jorge's work exceeded my expectations. As a photographer, he made sure all our needs were met and knew exactly how to capture my maternity shoot.

He gave us recommended locations, and it worked out perfectly well. He was flexible with our dates since our initial date was ruined by weather, and he made sure we had the best experience. When we got our photos back, we were stunned, had our breath taken away, and will be coming back for a family shoot within the next year.

I am so so thankful that I not only booked with a local, but with fellow countrymen who ensured our moment would be nothing short of perfect. The color, the editing, the captures were everything we dreamed and more.

If you're looking for a photographer who goes above and beyond to ensure your special moment is captured, then look no further!

-Los Piñas.

Location: Tulum.

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