LGBTQ Family Support Acceptance
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LGBTQ Family Support Acceptance

When Randy was born & they let me hold him for the first time, it was such a feeling of unconditional love. My heart was filled to the brim. Then Ronald, aka Lunch, was born & I realized that my love wasn’t divided between the two but multiplied by two-fold.

I always felt it was my responsibility to raise them to the best of my ability. The only request we had of the boys was that they be the best person they could be. Make the world a better place because you are in it; not a worse place because of your poor actions. And as adults they had achieved that goal we had for them.

They were intelligent, creative, kind, loving, generous, hard working men. So when they introduced us to their partners, we realized they were attracted to men of character just like them.

We had always made it our goal to read, to listen, & to learn about being gay. It is not something you choose to be, but something you are. You don’t choose to be gay or straight; you are guy or straight.

When same sex marriage became the law & the guys got to marry, I had already fallen in love with Cory & Jim. And my love was now multiplied four-fold. My heart over flowed with the unconditional love I have for my four sons.

When the kids were little boys, there was a song on Sesame Street teaching children about the difference types of families. Some were made up of couples & the children, some were single parents raising a child, some were grandparents raising a child, & some were adoptive parents raising several children. But the last two sentences were poignant——I care what they do & they care about me. Oh, can’t you see, we’re a family!

These are not pictures of a traditional family, but I care about them & they care about me! Oh, can’t you see, we’re a family! A family that loves one another unconditionally!

-Mom & Dad.

Location: Glamping Xpu-Ha.

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