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Best Indian Bride Portrait

Hindu Persian Wedding

Love stories that transcend borders

Shweta + Farbod - Click here to watch the wedding slideshow.

Believe in the love stories that make us dream of the impossible, of places where love transcends and erases borders. This is the story of a Hindu girl who fell in love with a Persian boy. But this simple and yet plentiful love story begins in Addison, Texas.

The day began like any other. Frank stepped out of bed with the same exact foot he did every morning. Shweta put on her make-up the exact same way she did every morning. But that day was different. Both were about to meet someone who would change their lives. Farbod chose his favorite bar in Addison to watch the Michigan State Basketball game with a friend. Shweta stumbled upon the same bar by chance. She walked in the door and they spotted each other from across the room. With an air of shyness, Farbod made his way across the room to get closer to her. Out of pure impatience, Shweta did something she’s never done before. She made the first move. She tapped him on the shoulder and they began the first conversation of the rest of their lives.

A Gullfoss Waterfall dream come true

Life is made of those moments that seem to be taken out of a dream and the special people with whom we share them. It was September 2018. The destination: Iceland. Farbod and Shweta arrived at the mesmerizing country a few days before her family arrived. She and Farbod traveled through Iceland visiting some of the most iconic locations of the country.

A few days later, Shweta’s sister and parents joined the couple for what would be a memorable family trip. Shweta’s sister was carrying something very special in her suitcase, Farbod’s proposal ring. During one of those windy and cold days in Iceland, the family explored the country and finally arrived at the awe-striking Gullfoss Waterfall.

Everything was perfectly planned. The family stopped to take some photos at the famous waterfall and as Shweta was getting ready for the picture, Farbod got down on one knee and proposed. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Iceland and the love of her family, Shweta said yes without hesitation. - “He even spoke to my parents before proposing and got their blessing. It was one of the best days of my life.” -

A magical, colorful Riviera Maya Hindu Persian wedding celebration

For Shweta and Farbod, the most important detail of their wedding day was to wrap their friends and family in the joy they felt. Set in the stunning background of the Riviera Maya’s Now Sapphire, the colorful and beautiful “Big Fat Indian & Persian wedding”, as Shweta calls it, left everyone delighted. - It was such a wonderful weekend and our friends & family cannot stop talking about it!

Since their relationship began to grow, they knew they wanted a small, intimate wedding with close friends and family. When on a trip to Mexico, they discovered this paradise on Earth, both knew that the Riviera Maya would be the perfect backdrop for their beach destination wedding. They gathered 65 people from their close-knit circle and traveled to the Riviera Maya for an incredible 3-day celebration. But who could pull off an amazing Indian & Persian wedding? Only one name popped up: Juan Carlos Castillo. The couple’s travel specialist, Amarjit Keshav, recommended the Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun where Juan Carlos worked at the time.

Shweta and Farbod fell in love with Juan Carlos Castillo's work.

After finding out he was leaving the Now Sapphire, Shweta immediately hired him to plan their wedding. He understood exactly what the couple wanted to transmit and helped them pull off 7 different traditional Hindu and Persian events in 3 days, stress-free for the bride and the family. - “I honestly could not imagine my wedding without Juan Carlos. I absolutely adore you, Juan.” -

Guided by JC Castillo Weddings' expertise, everything was absolutely perfect in making Farbod and Shweta’s wedding dream come true with the blessing of Priest Bernardo Soriano Gatid. Set in the beautiful Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun, the decor and flowers were taken care of by Alquimia Events and Essenza Riviera. The exquisite meal was done by Taste of India Cancun catering and the mood was set by Professional DJ's for weddings in Cancun , Doremixx Audio Visual and Dhol by Drums In Paradise. Shweta’s natural beauty was highlighted by make-up artist ST Makeup Artistry and the Menhdi was perfected by Lotto Menhdi Carolina Bellavista | MakeUp & Style. The memories of this perfect day were captured by filmmaker Mike CantarellFilms and Riviera Maya wedding photographer Jorge Rodriguez Photography. The entire trip was taken care of by Give Me A Break Travel.

Thank you all for making this dream possible.

“I love you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I've ever had. Every day we are together is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours.”

Shweta & Farbod's Wedding Review:

The Best South Asian Wedding Photographer!!

Jorge Rodriguez Photography was such a pleasure to work with! He paid attention to every little detail during the wedding and our photos came out amazing! I love his style of capturing candid moments. He captured so many wonderful emotions from our guests during the wedding through photos. We re-lived all the happiness & love through our wedding photos. I would highly recommend Jorge! He is such a wonderful person to work with and I'm so glad we chose him to do our wedding!

Indian & Persian Fusion Wedding Feature at Maharani Weddings

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Puerto Morelos, MX Indian Fusion Wedding by Jorge Rodriguez Photography


Puerto Morelos, MX Indian Fusion Wedding by Jorge Rodriguez Photography

Jorge Rodriguez Photography - South Asian Destination Wedding Photography & Portrait based at Playa del Carmen, Mexico serving the local area of Tulum, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Cancun & Riviera Maya.

Location: Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun.

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