Gay Destination Wedding Royalton Riviera Cancun Mexico
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Gay Destination Wedding Royalton Riviera Cancun Mexico

Same Sex Destination Wedding

Danny + Nino - Slideshow

When you know, you know.

When your friends know, they know.

Nino and Danny’s love story began even before they met. Laura, Nino’s Maid of Honor and Jairo, Danny’s Best Man, both thought that Nino and Danny would make a great couple after Jairo met Nino at Laura’s birthday party in Ocean City, MD.

At first, both Nino and Danny were hesitant about the set up but trusted their friends. The first to make a move was Nino. He reached out to Danny via Facebook Messenger and said hi. Danny decided to take the chance and responded. When your friends know, they know.

Their first date was a simple dinner at Blockhead’s. Even though Jairo and Laura were text-panicking, everything flowed smoothly and natural. Both Nino and Danny knew it was definitely something different than what they had experienced in the past. When you know, you know.

As their relationship evolved, Danny and Nino knew they wanted to get married and have a same-sex wedding but neither felt one of them should propose. Rather, they jointly agree on forming a family. On January of 2016, during a normal conversation, the topic came up and they both agreed they were ready to begin a new chapter in their lives.

The couple are big on family and wanted to share the good news with their loved ones with an amazing announcement, then celebrate at a larger scale. They first called Nino’s mother in Florida to announce the big news! From there, they planned an intimate dinner in their home with Nino’s Grandmother, mother and Danny’s two siblings - Elisa and Jose.

When everyone was gathered in Danny and Nino’s home for dinner, they planned a game for everyone to get to know each other in a question-type game. They both chose Elisa (Danny’s sister) to be the voice that would announce the big news. They wrote the announcement on a piece of paper and on the round of questions, Elisa read the news out loud. Danny and Nino were engaged!

They both knew they wanted to have a gay destination wedding with a gorgeous background surrounded by their close family and friends and so they chose the beautiful Cancun-Riviera Maya. After reading countless reviews, they chose the Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa as their gay wedding venue. It was the perfect place to celebrate one magical day. The gardens, beach and long halls made the perfect setting for this picture-perfect wedding.

The couple chose to work with Ms. Patty Jordan and Kristen Bullock of Wright Travel Agency as their official travel agent to help them and their guests plan the details of their trip and make things easier. Their venue coordinator was Sofia Simon Baptista, who did an amazing job at helping the couple make their wedding dream come true. Sofia has worked with other couples of the LGBT community and knows how to make everything perfect.

Both Danny and Nino arrived to Cancun mid-week and began the wedding activities on Friday with an all-white beach party to kick-off the wedding weekend. Drinks, mingling, good music and vibes at the Royalton started off an incredible gay wedding weekend. On Saturday, the couple hosted a wedding breakfast prior to the big event! The wedding ceremony was held in the Royalton Sky Terrace in a formal setting with the wedding party dressed in flowing red dresses and the gentleman in gray suits with red linings. The grooms wore a fitted gray suit with black details - bow-tie and all. The grooms and wedding party gathered in different rooms to get ready and take some pre-wedding photos and share some unforgettable memories.

When everybody was ready, the wedding party proceeded to walk down the aisle. The grooms met at the beginning and walked down the aisle together - hand-in-hand. Their love is so palpable that it was felt by the wedding party and guests who couldn’t help but shed a few tears of joy for this amazing couple. Even the toughest one in the crowd hid a couple of tears.

The wedding reception was held in the Royalton Ballroom with cocktails and a delicious 3-course dinner served by the hotel. Guests accompanied the couple in a beautiful and festive dinner as they rejoiced in the couple’s love. After the speeches from the wedding party, the couple had a special surprise for their guests.

Dressed in an all-black ensemble sparked by red converse, Danny and Nino performed a surprised dance accompanied by Laura Gomez and Dabrali Diaz who were dressed in a sexy black shorts outfit accompanied by black converse. The four performed an amazing round of Fever by Vybz Kartel, Swish Swish by Katy Perry, Model by Ozuna ft Cardi B, Migente by J Balvin ft. Beyonce, and El Farolito by Juan Luis Guerra. Even though they consider themselves “simple-bodies”, their party was an truly fun celebration where their guests had an amazing time.

Everything was caught on film by videographer Nathalie Santos Miranda from Sea & Love Wedding Films and our lenses.

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It was a great beginning to a new chapter in Danny and Nino’s lives. Their decision to begin their own little family is the beginning of a great San Taveras adventure.

Danny + Nino's WeddingWire Review:

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Location: Royalton Riviera Cancun.

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