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How We Found Love at Bayway Lincoln: A Journey of Chance Encounters and Destined Paths

In 2018, amidst the hustle and bustle of Bayway Lincoln, fate intervened, and I crossed paths with the love of my life, Saul Garza. At that time, I was diving into my role as an HR Manager while Saul navigated his days as a technician. Little did I know, that a chance encounter at the service coffee shop would change our lives forever.

I vividly remember that morning, balancing a stack of books as I grabbed a cup of coffee before diving into my office duties. As I reached for my caffeine fix, Saul appeared, prompting me with a simple, "Saul Garza?" His casual demeanor masked that I already knew him from my HR role. And so, our first conversation sparked, setting the stage for what was to come.

As time passed, Saul's attempts to ask me out became endearing anecdotes in our love story. From his humorous invitation to an Astros game, met with my genuine excuse of evening classes, to our eventual dinner at "The Donkey," where his nerves mirrored my curiosity, each moment solidified our connection.

Despite Saul's desire for a serious commitment conflicting with my dedication to my career, we found ourselves drifting apart for a brief period. However, fate had other plans. A simple invitation to the Houston Rodeo reignited our bond, leading us back to where we left off.

Our journey together spanned five remarkable years, culminating in a momentous proposal on July 9, 2023. The surprise proposal, complete with balloons and a heartfelt question, left me in awe of Saul's thoughtfulness and love. With a resounding "yes," we embarked on the next chapter of our lives.

Wedding planning became an adventure of its own, with our dream of a destination wedding in Cancun's Riviera Maya coming to fruition.

As we embarked on the journey of planning our dream wedding, selecting the perfect venue was paramount. After much deliberation and research, we found ourselves drawn to the allure of Generations at Riviera Maya. Renowned for its secluded charm and exquisite gourmet offerings, the resort captured our hearts from the moment we arrived.

Choosing from the myriad of stunning locations for our ceremony was a delightful challenge. Ultimately, we settled on the intimate chapel and the breathtaking sky deck, providing panoramic views of the azure ocean—a backdrop worthy of our love story.

During our site visit, our dedicated wedding planner, Liz, graciously guided us through the expansive grounds of the resort, helping us envision every detail of our special day. From discussing floral arrangements to fine-tuning our wedding day timeline, Liz's expertise and attention to detail ensured our vision came to life seamlessly.

One highlight of our visit was the opportunity to indulge in a tasting of the delectable cuisine we had selected for our reception. Each dish surpassed our expectations, tantalizing our taste buds and affirming our decision to entrust our wedding day to Generations at Riviera Maya.

Reflecting on the experience, we realized that a site visit offers more than just practical planning—it immerses you in the magic of your impending nuptials, making the journey even more surreal. Standing amidst the beauty of Generations, we felt a sense of excitement and anticipation for the memories we would create on our wedding day.

To any couples embarking on their wedding planning journey, we wholeheartedly recommend experiencing the wonder of Generations at Riviera Maya firsthand—it's an investment in memories that will last a lifetime.

Amidst the preparations, we sought a photographer to capture the essence of our love story. Jorge Rodriguez Photography emerged as the perfect choice, with Jorge's responsiveness and talent guiding us through a memorable photoshoot.

Our photo session with Jorge was an adventure filled with unexpected moments and unforgettable memories. Despite our best efforts to appear relaxed, Saul and I couldn't shake off the nervous energy that comes with posing for professional photos. Thankfully, Jorge's expertise and calming presence guided us through every shot, offering gentle reassurance whenever our tension surfaced.

Scheduled to capture the golden hues of the sunset, our session spanned from the tranquil evening hours until the sun dipped below the horizon. Little did we know the physical demands of a professional photoshoot—the constant twirling, embracing, laughter, and stolen kisses made for a whirlwind experience.

The relentless wind added an element of whimsy to our photoshoot, as my attempts to tame my unruly hair became a source of amusement for all involved. With each crashing wave and a gust of wind, Saul and I found ourselves laughing, clinging to each other amidst the chaos.

One memorable moment was when Saul lifted me for a romantic pose, only to be nearly toppled by the force of the waves. Yet, with Jorge's patient direction, we persevered, repeating the scene until he captured the perfect shot.

Reflecting on the experience, we realized that every challenge we faced during the photoshoot only added to the authenticity of our love story. And through it all, Jorge's skillful lens captured the essence of our connection with grace and artistry.

Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend Jorge Photography to anyone seeking a photographer in Cancun. His talent, professionalism, and ability to turn fleeting moments into timeless memories make him a standout choice for capturing life's most precious milestones.

Despite a slight hiccup with resort policies, Jorge's professionalism and patience shone through as he expertly captured our love against the backdrop of Cancun's beauty. Our experience with Jorge affirmed our decision, leaving us eagerly anticipating our wedding day at Generations Riviera Maya in October 2024.

As we reflect on our journey from chance encounters to destined paths, one thing remains certain: love has a way of finding us when we least expect it. With Saul by my side, I am grateful for every twist and turn that led us to this moment—a testament to the power of love and the beauty of shared dreams.

And to Jorge Rodriguez Photography, thank you for immortalizing our love story in every frame, capturing the essence of our journey with grace and artistry.

Location: Playacar Public Beach.