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Playa Del Carmen Photographer Jorge Rodriguez
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Papaya Playa Project Tulum Photographer

Excellent, Talented, Communicative, and Friendly Beach Photographer

Jorge is an exciting and incredibly talented photographer. I contacted him to see if he would be a part of a surprise proposal - engagement photos for my now fiancé.

I selected Jorge because I loved his photos and how he poses the couples much more than any other photographers I saw online. His communication was bar-none, responding to messages promptly and even dealing with my terrible Spanish!

We discussed locations, timing, and how I would go about this secret surprise proposal. Jorge provided excellent suggestions and was even flexible with the timing because of the bad weather. Having Jorge take this moment so seriously eased my nerves and gave me confidence that everything was under control.

I told my fiancé I hired a photographer for just a photo shoot for our memories, and Jorge played along with my façade excellently. He was animated and gave us great ideas about places to pose and things to do, encouraging us to have fun and be active.

Our first photoshoot, so we had no idea what to do! The session was an engaging (literally), romantic, and outright fun experience that my fiancé and I will never forget.

Jorge turned the pictures around quickly (literally weeks faster than I was expecting!), and they all came out even better than we could have imagined. The hardest part about this process was figuring out which picture was our favorite. We still can’t agree! I recommend Jorge to anyone and am excited to reach out for our next photoshoot! - Antonio M.

Location: Papaya Playa Project Tulum.