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Kanan Tulum Ahau Collection Photographer

Kanan Tulum Engagement Photographer

Heather saw me standing on a table at swatted me with her purse telling me to get down because it is dangerous. I immediately was smitten.
I proposed to her in St Lucia in front of the Pitons mountains. It was beautiful and filled with love, and she looked amazing, a perfect place to memorialize our love for each other.
We love to travel and explore new places. We choose Tulum for our engagement photos, one of the most beautiful beaches on earth!

Magical, professional, and caring Photographer

Jorge was so professional and caring, taking his time to direct us to take the best photos possible.

My fiancé and I never took professional photos before and we asked Jorge to guide us. He was great, so thoughtful, and kind, he knew all the best places to visit to take magical pictures around Tulum.

He was great at communicating and stuck with all the timelines. We thank him so much for the beautiful memories!

Location: Kanan Tulum Hotel.

Keywords: Alaya, Aldea Canzul, Art with me, Casa Ganesh, Kai, Villa Pescadores.