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Andrea and I met on February 6, 2019, at a work conference thru a mutual friend with no romantic intentions. However, the instant attraction and chemistry were there and impossible to ignore. I’ve heard people say similar things in the past and even thought this myself, but this was different. Each of us immediately feeling that our relationships of old had settled, never truly feeling our hearts being filled completely.

After exchanging cell numbers, what followed was a 10-month long-distance relationship between California and Texas. During that time, multiple trips were taken, and multiple heartbreaks felt when we had to leave each other. Again, this kind of heartbreak was unlike anything either of us had experienced. It was truly feeling like a piece of our soul being ripped out and leaving us until we held each other again.

As the new year approached and Andrea’s apartment lease expired, we decided the timing was perfect to start a new chapter of our lives together. Through no small feat, we moved her and her two dogs to Dallas. When we unloaded her belongings and sat down on the couch together for the first time in our place, we embraced, crying and laughing. We had sacrificed tremendously and it was all worth it, we were finally together.

Location: Live Aqua Beach Resort Cancun.