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Surprise Proposal Photographer in Tulum Mexico

It was around the middle of January on a cold winter night. I was sitting in the living room with my lady watching television, or maybe it was the other way around. The T.V. was watching us as we both were preoccupied with our mobile devices. We were still amid a global pandemic, and I was at a loss because I was tired and weary of all that was going on and felt I needed a change.

I began to research destinations that were open to travel, there were so many restrictions still in place. I came across Tulum Mexico, and notice that people were traveling there, and restrictions were very light in terms of convenience of travel. So I began to research more and suggested to my lady how she would feel about a nice getaway to just unwind, and relax.

She thought it would be a good idea for a nice change of pace, so I went ahead to plan and book our vacation. Weeks passed and I believe I was at work when I was thinking how much of a well-needed trip this would be, and to be able to spend time with the love of my life.

Then it hit me that we will be away in a beautiful destination, with a great climate, beaches, pools, drinks, and food. This would be a wonderful opportunity to express to her how much she means to me and ask for her hand in marriage.

Now here comes the dilemma I got this bright idea two weeks before the trip. This was a situation where it was a race against time to get things to make for a memorable experience. I needed to get her ring, plan how I was going to surprise her, find a photographer, and a possible videographer …seems easy enough right?

Anywho I began to google photographers in the Tulum Mexico area, and it was such a daunting task. I finally came across a gentleman by the name of Jorge Rodriguez, his work was amazing in terms of style, color, editing, and creativity. I sent him an email expressing interest, and one of the things that stood out to me was how prompt he was in getting back to me. He sent me more detailed information in regards to pricing, and his process to make everything as smooth as possible. Just by our correspondence, I was sold that I have chosen the right guy.

If a few days went by he would reach out to me to get my ideas, and propose his being that he had knowledge of the area, and what would work. Our stay in Tulum was from a Thursday to a Tuesday. We plan to execute the surprise on that Saturday. So we finally arrived and had two days to unwind, and settled in. Jorge contact me to make sure that we arrived, and to finalize our plans.

The day had finally come and we had planned for a sunset shoot, I initially told Norma that we should do a professional shoot to capture our vacation moments. We decided that we were going to meet at the public beach, and got there 30 minutes earlier to make sure we were on time being that I never met Jorge before... talk about blind faith.

Once we were there the beach was so packed, I and my lady were like there was no way we could have done a proper shoot there. I was now getting nervous because now I was thinking my surprise was going to be ruined. I called Jorge and advised him of the situation, he agreed that it wouldn’t be an ideal spot. In a perfectly professional manner he picked us up, and he had a secondary spot he said we could shoot at on a private beach.

He couldn’t have picked a better spot, as the saying goes “everything happens for a reason". It was everything I could hope for the setting, ambiance, and view, but we did have to hurry to get the sunset to create a magical moment. The idea was to do a romantic photoshoot the 1st part in swimwear, the 2nd more casual. As we changed for the 2nd shoot he whisked her away to take some solo shots while I put my plan in motion.

I would come in during the shoot, and then pop the question…but before I could do so. I felt like I needed something else and that was for someone to record this special moment for me. Some beachgoers were relaxing in nearby cabanas, and I ran over to a couple explaining that I was about to propose and could they record it for me. They were kind enough to assist me and I was off to the races after that.

As my lady was strutting her stuff I walked about behind as she was shooting, and got down on my knees. Jorge directed her towards me, and when she turned around the tears began to flow from her eyes, I told her I wanted her to be my forever, and she said yes. It was one of the happiest and best moments of my life, and I thank Jorge and his vision for helping me pull it off, and make it a memorable moment.

When everything was said and done and I received the final product, totally blown away and they were stunning. Words can’t describe the feeling. I’m ready to fly him to New York to do my wedding if he would be so gracious to accept.

To those looking for that photographer for your engagement, and wedding look no further than to Jorge Rodriguez wonderful talent, professionalism at its finest, and just a great person.

Location: Hotel Dos Ceibas Eco Retreat.