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Mi & Grant

THE LOVE STORY - To watch the wedding slideshow click here

There is a kind of love that if you’re lucky enough to find, it changes you - knowing that this feeling and this person will be there for the rest of your life. This is the story of Mi and Grant, two souls lucky enough to have found each other and who decided to celebrate this love with a beautiful Tulum wedding. Just like the most beautiful things in life, their story is a simple one, and yet filled with all those rich details that make life worthwhile.

They met when she started working in the same company as him. She walked in that day, dressed in a suit, filled with confidence. Her subtle beauty and strut caught his attention the moment he saw her. And as beautiful as she was, she was also intimidating, says Grant. Not in a million years would he have talked to her. But as fate would have it, the two of them started working together and the spark was instant, as things made in destiny usually are.
-It was as if we had known each other for years... And from that day on, I've never left her side.

Mi and Grant continued to grow in their love as they tried to keep things discreet from their co-workers, but every time, it was harder to keep things a secret. At the same time, Mi met Scarlett, Grant’s young daughter. The two instantly hit it off and made a deep connection as well. Seeing Mi with his daughter, Grant knew she was the one.
-She is good for me, takes care of me, and when it's needed, she puts me in my place. I've found my best friend and someone who can always make me laugh.

A surprise of surprises.

It was Grant’s birthday and his sister asked for Mi’s help in planning a surprise party for him. His birthday coincided with Mi’s mother’s birthday and her sisters were in town as a surprise. Mi and Grant’s sister decided to do a joint celebration for a night of surprises. What Mi didn’t know was that she was the one who was going to get the best surprise of the night.

Everybody had their share of the secrets of the night as they went along to plan the dinner party… and the proposal. Even the nail technician was involved in the surprise. The morning of the celebration, Mi and her sisters went to do their nails and the nail technician suggested Mi wear a white nailpolish with a subtle sparkle. Mi suspected something was going on but discarded the possibility that Grant was going to propose. She just accepted her pretty nails and continued finishing up the final details for the surprise dinner party. After much planning and back and forth, the night was finally here. Everyone arrived at the restaurant filled with balloons and the excitement that was felt in the air.

After the birthday songs, Grant’s sisters asked him, “Well, what do you wish for?”
Grant stood up, holding Mi’s hands to stand her up as well as everybody’s eyes were on them. As Grant was talking, Mi realized what was going on and tears started rolling down her cheeks, her chest filled with a joy that goes beyond words. Scarlett was standing beside the two and when he kneeled, she too started crying. Mi said yes.

Mi and Grant decided to choose a beautiful location befitting of their beautiful love story. When the two decided upon a Riviera Maya destination beach wedding, they knew the perfect venue would be the Dreams Tulum Resorts & Spa. With amazing views of the Caribbean Sea, luxurious and pleasant facilities, and magician wedding planners, they wanted to make sure their family and friends were comfortable, happy and worry-free. Mi wanted a flawless make-up and knew to go to Sara Tamargo - ST Makeup Artistry. To capture the magic of it all and tell their love story, the couple decided to work with filmmaker Santiago Becker - Becker Wedding Films and Riviera Maya wedding photographer Jorge Rodriguez Photography. Mi and Grant chose April to get married, taking advantage of the perfect weather in the Mexican Caribbean. The ceremony was a Tulum beachside wedding, with the ocean as their witness and their friends and family -- all dressed in semi-formal beach attire, gorgeous and tropical -- to accompany them in this new chapter in their lives. The Garland Family - Mi, Grant, and Scarlett filled a bottle with three different colors of sand to represent them coming together as a family, all different tones but together as one. A small, delicate ceremony filled with beautiful details, the Mi and Grant Tulum wedding was a celebration of pure love; that kind of love you read about in quotes and movies - simple and yet filled with the complexity of a love that’s hard to find. But when you do - as Mi and Grant did - you understand how valuable it is and you thank your lucky stars to have found it.

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Jorge was very responsive throughout the booking process and helped out tremendously with other wedding favors. He was very professional and the team was great! I love all my photos and wish I had time for more!!! They did an amazing job and I am so glad I found them. - Mi + Grant

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