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We Chose to Keep Our Beyond Boudoir Session Private, and We Wanted to Share Our "Bucket List" Adventure With You.

We found Jorge Rodriguez Photography via a standard Google search, and our results in the months to come were profound!

We love Playa Del Carmen. It has become part of our marriage, part of our yearly planning, and part of what we live for. Having been there so many times, we have quite literally done every sunset cruise available and exhausted every excursion from ATVing to Cave Exploring. We were looking to try something different.

“How about a couples beach boudoir photo shoot?” Say no more, we were both onboard.

In the quick searching we did of other local photographers, Jorge started towards the top of our considerations and quickly left the others in the dust. His portfolio was much more extensive, considerably more creative, and importantly, more relatable. We could envision ourselves as the next subject.

Early on, any trepidation about booking a photographer thousands of miles away was put at ease. He was not only timely with communication but rapid. The language/translation issues were nil, his English is excellent. The next steps, guidance, and preparatory information he provided were refreshing, informative, and helpful. We were all-in with Jorge and we still had 6 months till we met him!

If you’ve seen one boudoir photo, you’ve seen them all. “Laying on a bed in off-the-shelf lingerie, staring at a window, smelling a rose” That’s it. That’s the entire overly-cliché, overly-cautious genre. That’s everyone else. If that is what you’re looking for, simply put, Jorge isn’t for you. If you’re looking for different, creative, and just better photos. Look no further.

Upon arrival at our resort, Jorge’s follow-ups and communication only ascended. Last-minute clarifications were handled with rapidity, even down to the last minute when our cab driver gave us some doubt that he knew where he was going, and Jorge offered (immediately, via text) to speak with him. Once we met with Jorge any nagging doubts were put at ease, and we started on the walk for the setting/shoot.

Between physical jobs, demanding recreational activities and hobbies, running, and diet, we are both above the average in stamina and level of fitness. If there is one word of caution, the Playa Del Amor location is a “hike” and a half. Jorge congratulated us on being the first couple that didn’t complain about the walk.

But that’s only because we are the type to internalize that. For real, take his notes to heart. “Long walks on the beach” are romantic in your mind. In reality, they are arduous, and blisters will number like grains of sand. It’s doable; it's not over the top. But we were both thankful to be in the shape we are in. He did mention, for those looking for something less intrusive, that there is a location much more accessible by car.

Upon arrival (in the hushed grey tones of the pre-sunrise morning) you assemble for what will be a wild and exhilarating ride. Not only are you consumed by the fact you’re X miles from home, on vacation, on a beach, at sunrise, ready to commence a boudoir shoot, but the literal sun itself adds a certain dramatization that is palpable.

There are only so many possible shots in the “sunrise” light that Jorge can achieve before the sun is too high in the sky to capture those perfect orange, multi-colored hues, and tones. Jorge feeds off this wonderful tension perfectly. You can feel his excitement for what awaits, and yet you’re tuned in to his direction for how best he will capture it.

Throughout the experience, he nimbly navigated the tightrope of being a “fly on the wall” in capturing pure authenticity, as well as providing subtle, non-intrusive direction to achieve the results you’re ultimately after which will be etched into the most wonderful images you could have imagined. We can remember several times in which we literally forgot we were having our picture taken. So caught up in the moment, we forgot about Jorge. In general, I can think of no better compliment to give. And looking at our pictures, that is when the best photos were captured.

There are numerous possible backdrops for the breathtaking area he has chosen for his pictures. And they speak for themselves. As you hear the shutter you fade out to imagining what was just captured, and as quickly as it closes you fade back to being entirely caught in the moment.

The delivery and simple logistics of receiving and reviewing the photos were seamless and pain-free. Coordination after the shoot was as rapid as it was prior; he doesn’t fade into the night nor do you become de-prioritized after he has your money. Payment to confirm the date and scheduling was seamless and convenient, as was Jorge’s assistance throughout.

After the photos and editing are available after the shoot, you simply select your desired photos and download them. Couldn’t be simpler. We even ran into some scheduling issues with Hurricane Ian in the neighborhood. Jorge advised an earlier day; and glad he did, as the days we had originally planned for would have been cloudy and rainy.

In summary, we simply couldn’t recommend Jorge enough. I hope he doesn’t see this part ( *Wink* ) but in retrospect, we would have been fine simply paying for the shoot itself, never seeing nor receiving a single picture. The experience itself is worth it.

The photographs become mere documentation. And that says nothing of their quality. The moments, the stage, and the occasion will forever be etched into your memory. We chose to keep the photos just as the photo shoot and event itself were, private. Though we assure you; they were out of this world!

We booked Jorge for a once-in-a-lifetime type of “bucket list” adventure. But we’re planning on that a bit more frequently now!

Until next year, Jorge!

Location: Playa del Amor.