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First Erotic Boudoir and Couples Session In Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

What I love most about my girl Emma is that she is outgoing, and she loves to travel. I feel we both share the same attributes, which makes our relationship so amazing. Recently we had an erotic steamy and intimate session near Cancun with Jorge Rodriguez Photography, and I want to share our story.

Our Story

I have worked at a coal mine in Canada since 2018 as a labourer and fuel truck driver. One day, while working overtime on a different crew, I met the love of my life. I pulled up to this Haul truck I had to fuel, got out of my cab, and witnessed the most beautiful woman I have ever seen walking down the stairs.

I instantly knew I had to say something. Unfortunately, not one of my proudest moments as I could not find words to say and found myself a little embarrassed after talking to this beautiful person! Shortly after this, I could not get her off my mind, so I reached out to her on Facebook.

We arranged to go for drinks one day after work, and even though I felt tongue-tied, I still managed to steal her heart. After the date, we spent lots of time together and even arranged a trip to Kelowna for a wine tour at Okanagan Wine Country Tours. It was our first trip together, and it means so much to me because I asked Emma to be my girlfriend.

A Much Needed Getaway Trip To Mexico

During this crazy pandemic, it has been a struggle doing the things we love to do. We enjoy going to the gym, staying active, going out, and socializing. Meeting new people is important and brings us happiness.

Most importantly, we both love to travel. We were talking about going on a trip for some time, and we looked into trips for a while and noticed Cancun, Mexico, was one of the cheapest and had direct flights.

One morning I woke up. We were tired, strung out from work, and a little depressed due to our limited activities, so I made the call that it was our time to get out of Canada and away from work. I looked at Emma and told her to book us an all-inclusive trip to Cancun that instant.

We happened to find a great deal with a Sunwing package to Cancun staying at the Crown Paradise Club. They supplied everything from picking you up at the airport to dropping you off for your flight home! As far as the hotel, we both enjoyed our stay, the food, and the restaurants were unbelievable (especially the French one). The views of the beach and the pools from the room were mesmerizing.

Planning For Photos of Emma Turned Into Something Even More Special

Before we went on our trip, I asked my beautiful girlfriend if she would be interested in doing a boudoir photoshoot in Cancun. Emma was a little nervous because she was 3 months pregnant at the time. I wanted her to do it because she works so hard at the gym, and I felt like she needs to show herself off.

When Emma found Jorge Rodriguez, she noticed he does erotic couples and boudoir shoots, and Emma asked if that’s something I’d be interested in. Honestly, at first, I was not into the idea at first, but I still gave it a chance and looked at his
gallery. The photos I looked at that Jorge took were amazing. After looking at the photos, I knew 100% in my mind that this was something that would be enjoyable.

Considering an Erotic Couples Session

After confirming that we both wanted to do this, I reached out to Jorge and made sure to tell Jorge that Emma was 3 months pregnant. He assured us he would use the right kind of flattering angles. Jorge made all the arrangements easy as a knife through butter. Any questions we had, he responded fast with an answer.

After a couple of days in Cancun, we finally arrived on the day of our photoshoot. We arranged a cab to Playa Del Carmen, which was about an hour away and was a fair price. We were both nervous and excited about this session during this hour since it’s something neither of us has ever done before.

Jorge was already there when we arrived. He introduced himself and told us how this was going to happen. Jorge was open to the ideas we had and made them happen. We were still nervous, and he reassured us that he would help us and guide us through the whole shoot, and we had nothing to worry about. After walking on the beach for 40 minutes, we reached our location Playa del Amor.

We Would Do An Erotic Couples Session Again!

This photoshoot was one of the most nerve-wracking but amazing experiences we have ever had. For the first time, we felt we could be as open as we wanted to be, with no one to judge. Not going to lie; it was a little chilly first thing in the morning doing a sunrise shoot, but it warms up fast when the sun comes out!

During the shoot, Jorge made us both feel super comfortable and was super professional. He guided us throughout all the poses and made it easy and fun! The location he took us to in Playa del Carmen was stunning. It was the perfect spot for an outdoor erotic photoshoot. We had so much fun and enjoyed every second.

This trip to Mexico was the best trip we have ever had together. It was so relaxing! We loved the beaches, the food, the activities, but most of all, the erotic session. We wish we could do it all over again!

If you have the chance to work with Jorge for an erotic couples session, do not miss the chance. If you’re in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, do yourself a favor and book, Jorge!

Location: Zona Federal Marítima Road, 77713, Playa del Carmen, Q.R..

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