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Discover Romance in Playa del Carmen: Our Love Story, Surprise Proposal, and Boudoir Photography Experience.

How We Met

In the tapestry of life, it's the unexpected threads that often weave the most intricate and beautiful patterns. Our story, the one of Abby and me, Nolan, is a testament to this serendipitous weaving. It began on a day that neither of us could have predicted would alter the course of our lives forever—November 6th, 2022. This wasn't just any ordinary day, but the start of an employee appreciation retreat that was destined to become the prologue of our unique love story.

The retreat was designed as a getaway for the employees of the company where Abby worked her magic as a graphic design specialist, and I contributed my skills as a videographer. Amidst the planning and anticipation of the retreat, our initial interaction was limited to professional emails and brief appearances on a company Zoom call.

Abby stood out, not just for her talent, but for her vibrant energy and the sheer excitement she exuded about the upcoming event. It was during one of these calls that a playful narrative began to take shape—the notion that Abby and I would be each other's “babysitter" during the retreat, a jest that lightly veiled the curiosity and interest that had begun to spark between us.

When I first laid eyes on Abby at the poolside bar of the resort, her presence was unmistakable. There she was, grinning from ear to ear, a beacon of joy and nervous excitement in being the sole female attendee in our group.

At that moment, I was struck not just by her physical appearance—her being delightfully shorter than my 5’5” stature—but by the aura of openness and adventure she radiated. It was clear from the get-go that Abby was determined to embrace this experience fully, trusting in the camaraderie and safety of the group despite the odd dynamics.

Our "babysitting" joke, born from the light-hearted banter of our Zoom call, laid a foundation for our interactions during the retreat. It was a playful undertone that underscored our time together, creating a space for us to explore the connection that was rapidly unfolding between us.

This connection was not just about the laughter and shared jokes; it was about the mutual discovery of our individual stories—Abby, navigating the beginnings of a divorce with a spirit of resilience and hope, and myself, already divorced but cautiously optimistic about the possibilities that lay ahead.

The retreat itself was a whirlwind of activities and new experiences, but it was our moments alone that truly defined the start of our journey. From negotiating over sandals at a local vendor—a scenario that saw us separated from the group and me stepping in to assist Abby, to our late-night explorations and conversations that delved deep into the essence of who we were, each interaction was a thread-pulling us closer.

That first night, as we wandered the resort streets, we found ourselves enveloped in a world of our own making, a world where the possibility of "us" began to take root.

As the retreat progressed, our connection deepened. Shared adventures during the day gave way to evenings filled with introspection and revelations. The moment we found ourselves on the beach at 1 am, lost in conversation about life and dreams, marked a turning point.

The conversations taking us to the realization that dawn was approaching, yet unwilling to part, underscored the profound connection we had forged in just a short time.

Our story, which began as a series of playful interactions and shared experiences, was transforming into something much more significant. The retreat, intended as a brief escape from the routines of our daily lives, had instead become the setting of a life-altering meeting.

It was here, amidst the laughter, the shared glances, and the quiet moments of connection, that the first chapter of our unexpected love story was written—a chapter that laid the foundation for everything that was yet to come.

The Retreat

The retreat in Playa Del Carmen was not just a backdrop for our burgeoning relationship but a vibrant stage where Abby and I began to explore the depths of our connection.

Each day unfolded like a new chapter in a book we were writing together, filled with adventure, laughter, and moments of unexpected intimacy that drew us inexorably closer.

Our first full day in Mexico encapsulated the essence of our growing bond. The retreat's itinerary was packed with activities meant to foster team spirit, but for us, it offered a unique opportunity to step out of our comfort zones and into each other's lives.

Our venture to the local nightclub, under the guise of exploring what the resort had to offer, became an unforeseen moment of connection. It was here, among the pulsating beats and the cacophony of voices, that we found a quiet corner of the universe just for the two of us.

Abby's laughter, bright and unguarded, became my favorite sound—a beacon in the crowded space that drew me to her side.

The street vendor episode, where I found myself negotiating in Spanish for a pair of sandals Abby had taken a liking to, was an early testament to the ease with which we slipped into roles of mutual support.

Despite our failure to secure a "good deal," it was the gesture itself that mattered, marking one of the first of many small acts of kindness and care that would define our relationship. The simple act of paying for the sandals, and Abby's surprise and gratitude, underscored a budding trust and appreciation for one another.

As the days unfolded, each activity and excursion offered a new lens through which to view each other. Our visit to the cenotes, natural sinkholes that dot the Yucatán Peninsula, was a highlight—a serene escape from the world above where we could share in the awe of nature's beauty.

It was during these moments, swimming in the crystal-clear waters and exploring the cavernous depths, that I saw the adventurous spirit Abby carried within her. Her willingness to dive into the unknown mirrored my desires for exploration and discovery, both of the world and the heart.

The retreat's schedule was relentless, yet it was the moments in between—our late-night talks, the spontaneous decision to dance with sandals swinging in the air, and the quiet conversations on the beach—that truly deepened our connection.

The laughter and camaraderie of the group activities faded into the background as we found ourselves gravitating toward each other, eager to share in the quiet moments that were just ours.

Coco Bongo, with its dazzling array of performances and electrifying atmosphere, offered a surreal backdrop to the pivotal moments of our burgeoning relationship. It was here, amid the spectacle and the chaos, that our connection took a decisive turn.

The decision to mark Abby's skin with glow paint, a whimsical act during the club's frenzy, became a symbol of our growing intimacy. Our hands intertwined like a “waffle”, graduating from “pancake”, a silent declaration in the midst of the crowd, spoke volumes. It was a physical manifestation of the emotional bond we were building, a bond that was becoming impossible to ignore.

That evening, a night we will both never forget, was time spent in Abby’s hotel room soaking her sore feet from dancing the night away to the permissions and intimacies shared in bed.

As the retreat drew to a close, the reality of our impending departure loomed over us. The shared shuttle ride to the airport, a detail that had once been a mere logistical convenience, now held a weight of significance.

It was a quiet acknowledgment of the journey we had embarked upon together, a journey that neither of us was ready to end.

In the span of just a few days, Abby and I had traversed a landscape of emotions and experiences that felt like a lifetime's worth. The retreat, intended as a brief interlude from the realities of our separate lives, had instead become the setting for a profound connection that neither distance nor circumstance could diminish.

As we bid farewell to Playa Del Carmen, the memories of our time together were etched deeply in our hearts. The laughter, the shared glances, and the moments of quiet intimacy had woven a bond between us that was tangible and real. We returned to our respective lives transformed, carrying with us the promise of what could be — a promise that we were both eager to explore.

Mexico had been more than just a destination; it had been a beginning. The beauty of the cenotes, the energy of the nightclubs, and the serenity of the beaches had been the backdrop to our own story of discovery.

As we stepped back into the routines of our daily lives, the experiences we had shared lingered in the space between us, a bridge across the distance that separated us.

Our time in Mexico had laid the foundation for everything that was to come. It was the chapter in our story where two paths, each seeking something unknown, had converged into one.

A chapter that, in its closing lines, left us both yearning for the next page, eager to see where our journey would take us next.


As the retreat in Playa Del Carmen receded into the realm of cherished memories, Abby and I faced the reality of our separate lives, punctuated by the distance that lay between us. Yet, the connection we had forged in Mexico refused to be dimmed by miles or the logistics of daily life.

The challenge was not in finding the desire to continue what we had started but in navigating the complexities of fostering a relationship that spanned states, time zones, and the responsibilities that anchored us to our respective corners of the world.

The initial stages of our relationship were a dance of anticipation and adaptation. Our communication, once confined to the immediacy of shared experiences, now stretched across phone calls and messages, each exchange a lifeline that drew us closer despite the physical distance.

The decision to meet again, this time in the serene vastness of The Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado, was a leap of faith—a mutual acknowledgment of the profound connection we were both eager to explore further.

Colorado offered a stark contrast to the vibrant energy of Mexico. Here, against the backdrop of nature's quiet majesty, we found a different kind of intimacy. It was in the shared silence, the side-by-side exploration of the dunes, and the quiet evenings spent in the glow of a remote Airbnb, that we began to truly understand the depth of our bond.

This was not just a continuation of the adventure we had begun in Mexico but a deeper exploration of the potential for a shared future.

Our relationship, forged in the excitement of new experiences, now found its strength in the quieter moments—the routines we established during our time in Colorado, the conversations that stretched into the early hours, and the comfort we found in each other's presence.

It was a time of discovery, not just of the beautiful landscapes around us but of the nuances of our personalities, our dreams, and how our lives could intertwine.

The challenges we faced were as real as the connection that drew us together. The logistics of planning visits, the balancing act of managing our responsibilities as parents with the desire to be together, and the inevitable adjustments required to blend our lives were hurdles we navigated with open communication and a shared commitment to making our relationship work.

The distance, rather than being a barrier, became a catalyst for growth, forcing us to engage with each other in more meaningful ways and to cherish the moments we were able to share in person.

Our travels became milestones in our relationship, each trip was an opportunity to build memories and to reinforce the bond we shared. Vegas, with its glittering allure, offered a backdrop for a different kind of adventure—one where we could revel in the joy of being together amidst the city's hustle.

Disneyland's magical realm provided a space for shared wonder and childlike delight, a reminder of the joy we found in each other's company. The quiet beauty of Sedona, with its red rocks and spiritual calm, offered a moment of reflection, a chance to contemplate the journey we were on together, and for all five of our kids to experience a trip together.

Each destination, from the grandeur of the Grand Canyon to the tranquil beaches of Costa Rica, contributed to our understanding of each other. Through the challenges of travel, the excitement of new experiences, and the quiet moments in between, we learned to navigate life together.

The beauty of our relationship lay not just in the places we visited but in the journey we were on—a journey of mutual discovery, of learning to blend our lives in a way that honored both our individuality and our bond.

The decision to document our journey through photography arose naturally from our desire to capture the essence of what we shared. It had been an intention thus far that every trip we took we captured photos and videos to be placed in shared albums on our phones labeled by the experience, month, and year.

As our first anniversary approached, the idea of commemorating this milestone with a photoshoot was a reflection of our commitment to each other—a way to celebrate the love that had blossomed between us and to create a tangible reminder of the journey we had embarked upon.

Choosing Jorge as our photographer was a decision guided by his reputation for capturing the depth and emotion of the moments he photographed. His work resonated with us, offering a promise of images that would reflect not just the surface beauty of our relationship but the deeper connection that lay beneath.

The photoshoot, set against the backdrop of our return to Mexico, was a full-circle moment—a return to the place where our story had begun, now enriched by the experiences and growth we had shared along the way.

As we navigated the complexities of a long-distance relationship, transforming the initial sparks of connection into a deep and enduring bond, the challenges we faced only served to strengthen our commitment to each other.

Our story, marked by the beauty of unexpected beginnings and the joy of shared exploration, was a testament to the power of love to transcend distance and circumstance. In each other, we had found not just a partner for life's adventures but a companion for the journey of the heart—a journey that we were only just beginning.

Documenting our relationship

As Abby and I neared our one-year anniversary, the shared desire to eternally capture the essence of our journey together emerged naturally. This past year, brimming with its emotional highs and lows, adventures that tested and strengthened us, and challenges we navigated hand in hand, profoundly changed us—both as individuals and as a couple.

We yearned to encapsulate more than mere images; we aimed to capture the essence of our bond—the shared laughter, tender glances, and the deep, unspoken understanding that had blossomed between us.

This quest led us to Jorge, a boudoir photographer renowned for his innate ability to capture intimate moments and the raw emotion they conveyed. His portfolio, a testament to his ability to delve beyond the surface and capture the soul of a relationship, assured us that our story was in the hands of a true artist.

Opting for an intimate session with Jorge was a deeply personal decision, symbolizing not only a celebration of our love but also a testament to our journey's depth and the obstacles we'd overcome together.

Jorge's professionalism and empathetic approach, coupled with his suggestion for the session, reassured us that the moments we cherished most would be captured with all the dignity and beauty they deserved. It was amid planning this session that I decided to propose to Abby, aiming to infuse this significant milestone with the uniqueness that characterized our relationship.

Abby, with her penchant for distinctive and meaningful pieces, had her heart set on a moonstone ring for its unparalleled beauty and the unique connection it symbolized for us. Carefully selecting this ring reflected not only Abby's style but our mutual appreciation for what is genuinely special.

Unbeknownst to Abby, who believed we were simply embarking on an intimate photo session, I planned to propose at dawn. The moment I asked her to marry me, under the soft glow of the rising sun, her surprised and joyous "yes" encapsulated everything I had hoped for. Jorge, discreetly capturing this pivotal moment, ensured we had a beautiful record of this new chapter in our lives.

The logistics of planning the proposal, from choosing the perfect ring to coordinating the surprise session with Jorge, unfolded seamlessly. This moment wasn't just the start of a new chapter for us but a beautiful continuation of our journey, set against the serene backdrop of a sunrise that heralded new beginnings.

On the morning of the photoshoot, filled with anticipation, we met Jorge before dawn. His warm greeting immediately put us at ease, and the trek across the beach symbolized the journey we had embarked upon together. This trek, challenging yet symbolic, reminded us of how far we'd come since our first meeting.

Jorge's guidance during the session was both gentle and intentional, creating a space for us to be genuinely ourselves. His talent for capturing the essence of our relationship transformed this session into a profound experience, revealing the core of our bond in its most beautiful and vulnerable state.

Viewing the photographs post-session, we were overcome with emotion. Jorge's work exceeded our expectations, each image a narrative of our journey, capturing its complexity and the beauty of our love. These photographs are not merely images but treasures that remind us of our journey, our love, and the promise of all the chapters yet to unfold in our story.

Reflecting on everything from our chance meeting to the adventures that have followed, and now, this magical proposal and boudoir session, we're filled with gratitude. Jorge's exceptional talent, empathy, and professionalism have made an indelible mark on our hearts, giving us the gift of reliving these moments for years to come.

For anyone looking to document their love story, Jorge is the epitome of excellence, a photographer capable of transforming fleeting moments into lasting memories. Our heartfelt thanks to Jorge for immortalizing our love story, and providing us with a portal back to these defining moments.

Location: Playa del Amor.