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Exhilarating. An Out-of-Body Experience Like no Other. Unheard-of Intimate Encounter.

Yes, this is how we would describe our extraordinary sunrise Boudoir session with Jorge on the beaches of Mexico. Before we spill the spicy details of our morning, let’s look at how we got to this moment.

My wife and I have been married for almost 12 years, and we have traveled all over and experienced things that others could only dream of. Unfortunately, marriage tends to be repetitive, so it’s essential, especially for us, to keep things fresh, spicy, and intimate. We’ve done several traditional boudoir sessions, both as individuals and as a couple, so when our amazing boudoir photographer sent us Jorge’s portfolio link, we knew we wanted to become his client.

When we initially reached out to Jorge to discuss the details of his intimate and steamy sessions, we assumed it would be a couple of days before we heard back. But to our surprise, he was very punctual with his communication. His friendliness, timeliness, thoroughness, and overall professionalism made us feel comfortable, and we wanted to move forward immediately. He answered all our silly questions and made the entire process a breeze. He set the expectations of the session by providing detailed instructions on all parts of the experience, including the obvious, being naked.

We traveled to Cancun on a Monday, and our session was booked for the following morning. Our Resort (Hidden Beach) set up a cab service to take us to Playa del Carmen to meet Jorge. Nerves plenty, we woke up, got ready, and jumped in the cab to begin our journey. We arrived at downtown Playa del Carmen one hour before the sunrise of Tuesday and found Jorge, camera gear and all, waiting for our arrival. We got out of the cab and introduced ourselves, and from the moment we met, we felt at ease and comfortable.

We exchanged pleasantries and began our walk down the beach to our photo shoot. The 40 - 50 minutes walk was rewarding as we enjoyed the waves and ocean breeze. As we walked, the beginning sun of the day began to tiptoe over the horizon, and at this point, our excitement started to creep in as we knew the session we booked was quickly approaching. Months of thinking about this moment were finally becoming a reality.

After walking for quite some time, Jorge pointed down the beach a little to our exact destination for our intimate and steamy shoot. It was a rocky point that seemed to float on the ocean waves in the distance. We knew every step we made forward would be one step closer to baring all to the world and a photographer we recently met.

While we both had plenty of time in front of a camera, this session was different for obvious reasons due to the location but, more importantly, the wardrobe. Or should I say, lack of wardrobe? As we approached our photo location, we walked over the rocks and through some trees and brush to a secluded spot.

Our excitement was quickly replaced by nervousness about what was to come. We found ourselves enclosed by large rock formations, crashing waves, and a sky framed by the reds and oranges of the early morning sun. We had arrived. We were now at the moment we had been thinking about for months. With excitement now completely gone, the void filled by nerves, we stood there, eye to eye with Jorge, waiting for the inevitable request to strip our clothes.

For me, the husband, I found the moment surreal beyond explanation. Here, I was standing on a secluded beach, the salty waves crashing over the rocks in front of me, the early morning sun beginning to kiss the ocean, and my beautiful wife was standing there naked and glistening in front of my eyes. At this moment, my nerves left, and I became lost in the moment and joined her.

We stood there for a bit, rubbing coconut oil on each other and feeling the cool breeze on every inch of our naked bodies. The energy was palatable, and to say we were completely ready in every way, was an understatement.

Throughout this moment, Jorge was setting up his camera gear, and once we were ready, he began instructing us. His professionalism was outstanding, as he made us feel comfortable in our nakedness and vulnerability of the moment.

As we began our first series of poses, our timidness disappeared, and we started enjoying each other’s company to the fullest. Jorge’s attention to detail throughout all our poses allowed us to enjoy our time rather than worry about where our bodies should be positioned at any given point.

We took a series of poses, and without warning, Jorge instructed us to grab our stuff and follow him. We then headed to another location down the beach for a massive rock formation that offered more unique poses. At this point, he sat us on the sand between two large rocks and instructed us to make love and pretend he wasn’t there. Easier said than done was our initial reaction, but the moment was here, and we were all in, in more ways than one.

This was the moment we talked about for weeks, and it was everything we had hoped for as we got lost in each other and the experience of making love as the waves crashed around us. Immediately, the moment in time became a core memory of our marriage.

Before this moment, we didn’t know what to expect or how many poses or locations we would get to shoot in. To our surprise, this was just the beginning. We repeated this process and enjoyed each other’s bodies while Jorge instructed and encouraged us for the next couple of hours.

My wife and I bared everything to the morning Caribbean sun that day. Being able to explore and enjoy every climatic moment together will be memories we will never forget. To say we were both left satisfied with the morning would be an understatement.

Even though this shoot was on the first day of our trip, it became the ultimate highlight. We are already discussing a future shoot in a different photo location with Jorge for next summer. If you’ve read this far, then you owe it to yourself to book a trip to Mexico to see Jorge and experience a chance of a lifetime.

To my wife. There are moments in life that make up the unique fabric of a marriage. Our wedding day, the birth of our children, the lava fields of Hawaii, the sand dunes of a Carolina island, and this morning in the warm sun of Playa del Amor will all go down as core memories. Cheers to many more. All my love.

Location: Zona Federal Marítima Road, 77713, Playa del Carmen, Q.R..