Best Hindu Wedding Photographer Riviera Maya Cancun Mexico
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Best Hindu Wedding Photographer Riviera Maya Cancun Mexico

Hindu Wedding at Now Sapphire, Mexico. By Jorge Rodriguez Photography.

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Once upon a time in a windy city of 2.7 million citizens, a love story began. Their chances of meeting were dim but destiny knows no roadblocks, no rules, and no traffic. One day, out of curiosity both Krutin and Ami logged in to a dating app, Dil Mil, aimed at couples with an Indian background.

It was an instant match. Krutin and Ami flowed naturally. As they continue to get to know each other, they knew they were meant to be. They both realized their lives would be an endless string of adventures together.

One special day, Krutin surprised Ami with a special adventure to San Diego. The ocean on one side and the city on the other was the perfect setting for a special surprise. Krutin got down on one knee and surprised Ami with the promise of eternal love.

She said yes.

Adventure runs through their blood. The couple decided their special day would be celebrated in a beautiful destination surrounded by color, tradition, culture and one big family. Their chosen destination was the dreamy Now Sapphire in Cancun, Mexico. The hotel also took care of the entire decoration and flowers which adorned the place in colorful reds, yellows, and pinks.

The couple visited the destination one year prior and instantly fell in love with Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun. The luxury hotel redefines all-inclusive and offers the perfect escape and the perfect wedding venue for Ami y Krutin.

With the blue turquoise water of the Caribbean as their background, Krutin and Ami gathered their loved ones in a magical location for a 2-day traditional celebration.

Dressed in radiant colors, the couple was surrounded by a gorgeous display of culture and tradition. The wedding ceremony was celebrated in a bath of red and gold with the bridal party wearing blue and a combination of gold and champagne. Ami’s hair & makeup was a work of art by ST Makeup Artistry.

The reception was showered in teal, gold, and blue, with a focus on peacock colors, which is the national bird of India.

The couple followed the traditional Hindu ceremonies with a welcome cocktail pithi, a Grah Shanti sangeet, a mehndi night bharaat, and a beautiful and colorful Hindu wedding ceremony on the beach.

Baraat and dwar pooja – arrival of the groom

Krutin arrived with his family and friends where he is greeted by Ami’s family. Ami’s mother welcomes Krutin with a tilak – a red powder and rice and candlelight – which symbolizes blessings and good luck. Krutin is then escorted to the mandap.

Ganesh Pooja – the worship of Lord Ganesh

The ceremony began with Ami’s parents performing a prayer to Lord Ganesh, the god of good fortune, to which the couple an auspicious beginning.

Kanya Angman – the arrival of the bride

As Ami made her entrance, a veil was held up in front of her to prevent Krutin from seeing her. This is a symbol of two separate identities before they unite as one. Dress in vibrant colors, Ami made her grand entrance and is escorted to the mandap by her maternal uncles. As it is tradition, the Maharaj sang mantras as the veil is removed and the two are united as one.

Hast Melap – Joining of hands

Krutin took Ami’s hands as a symbol of his accepting the responsibility of her hand in marriage. The Maharaj tied a sacred knot with one end of Krutin’s scarf and one corner of Ami’s sari. This beautiful ceremony is a sign of prosperity and sacredness.

Jai Mala

Ami and Krutin exchanged flower garlands to symbolize their acceptance of each other as life partners.

Kanya Daan – giving away of the bride

Ami accepted her change of status from unmarried women to a wife as her parents placed her right hand in Krutin’s right hand requesting him to accept their daughter has his wife and make her his equal partner.

Mangal Phera – circling around the sacred fire

Ami and Krutin finally circled the fire four times making their vows in the presence of Agni, the god of fire. With each Phera, the couple sought out four basic virtues of life:

1. Dharma – righteousness and morality

2. Artha – prosperity and wealth

3. Karma – love and happiness in family

4. Moksha – the attainment of salvation

As tradition marks it, at the end of the Pheras, the couple races to sit down and the first one to win will rule the house. Ami won.

The exquisite array of food was catered by Taste of India Cancun by Gulab Singh and the Chef at Now Sapphire Resort. The mehndi night was beautifully organized by Loto Mehndi by CB&Co. and their DJ was organized by Encore Event Technologies. The fire & water drums show by Drums in Paradise was a perfect add-on to a stunning night.

And all of this couldn’t have been possible without the imagination and help of Now Sapphire’s Wedding Coordinator Juan Carlos Castillo, an artisan at his craft.

Krutin and Ami’s love is as beautiful and colorful as their wedding ceremony. Their life is filled with a vibrant atmosphere of prosperity and abundance of love and adventures and their smiles are a reflection of that. Cousin Rajan Patel captured that perfect essence with the guitar version of “Coming Home”.

Krutin looks at her with love-filled respect and admiration and her smile lights up when he is near.

Their fate was always to be together. Their story is a modern fairy tale filled with kindness, fun, and the hope that happily ever after stories do exist after all.

Location: Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun.

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