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Traditional Hindu Wedding

Shrina & Angat - Finding the One - Wedding Slideshow

When Angat first met Shrina, he was instantly taken back by her beauty, but their mutual friend said he had no chance with her. Angat, however, knew this girl was special. As destiny would have it, the two would meet again a year later, and this time, Shrina was the one who knew she had found the one. The future couple was brought together by their mutual love for dancing, their closeness to friends and family, and of course, Taco Bell.

A couple of weeks later, the couple went on their first date, slowly falling for each other in the magic that is New York. A short month later, Angat knew they belonged together. He asked Shrina to be his girlfriend in a romantic gesture in Boston at the Christian Science Plaza.

A Switzerland Proposal

After celebrating their love for years, Angat and Shrina traveled to Neiderhorn, Switzerland where Angat had planned a surprise proposal. He knew she was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. The couple traveled to this dreamy destination and Angat proposed. She said yes.

Planning an unforgettable Indian Destination Wedding

After sharing the great news with family and friends, they both decided that their love needed to be celebrated in a colorful, traditional Hindu wedding with the Mexican Caribbean as the backdrop. After visiting several venues, they settled upon the Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun. They fell instantly in love with this romantic hotel. The couple was drawn in by the Mayan atmosphere, the size of the resort, and of course, the large pool.

After all their family and friends RSVPd, the excitement of their destination wedding built up. With the help of Juan Carlos Castillo from JC Castillo Weddings, Angat and Shrina enjoyed every bit of planning their Riviera Maya wedding.

Part of the fun and colorful moments of the wedding was choosing the traditional dresses for the ceremonies. For her Sangeet nightdress, Shrina decided she wanted to shine in an Anita Dongre light-pink and light-blue lengha. The Hindu Vedic Ceremony was held at the beach terrace and Shrina settled upon a red Sabyasachi Sabyasachi Mukherjee. And for the reception, which was held at the Grand Salon Baleares, she chose a light purple, off-the-shoulder Manish Malhotra Sahara. All her jewelry was designed by ReeMat Designs. Her hair and makeup were done by the talented Sara Tamargo ST Makeup Artistry, and the stunning henna design was done by Henna by Anki.

As for Angat, he sported an Anita Dongre vest for the Sangeet night and wore a Sulkshana Mongha for the wedding, which made the joy in his eye sparkle even more.

A Riviera Maya South Asian Wedding

With the help of Juan Carlos at JC Castillo Weddings and the staff at Now Sapphire, Shrina and Angat welcomed their guests into a joyful, bright, and traditional Hindu wedding.

After settling in paradise, it was time to get married. Angat arrived in the Dhol & Vintage Car by Drums In Paradise. The mandap-canopy or marriage stage was decorated with colorful flowers by Alquimia Events and with fire that served as a witness; the Hindu wedding ceremony began.

A Traditional Hindu Wedding Ceremony

The groom's arrival, known as Baraat, is a ceremonial walk where the groom is accompanied by his family, and they are all greeted by the bride's family. Shrina's mom welcomed him with a colorful ritual so distinctive of Hindu tradition and led him to the Mandap. Both families beamed with joy as the big day finally arrived.

The wedding ceremony begins by offering a prayer to Lord Ganesh. The Ganesh Pooja is a worship ritual so that Lord Ganesh may remove all obstacles and bless the couple. Then, it is time for Kanya Aagman, the bride's arrival.

Beautifully dressed in colorful, traditional attire, Shrina was escorted down the aisle to the Mandap by her maternal uncles. Upon arrival, the bride's father takes her hand and leads her into the Mandap. The ceremony to give away the bride is called Kanta Daan and Hastamilap, which is considered the most magnificent offering a bride's parents can make. Here, the bride's family gives her away to the groom and his family, entrusting them with one of their most precious treasures.

When the couple is at the Mandap, they are separated by the Antarpat, a curtain that is lowered once the Priest invokes a special prayer. At this time, the couple exchange fresh flower garlands, signifying the acceptance of one another, and pledging their respect for one another as partners for life. The ritual is called Jaimala and it is marked by the beauty of the colors and the significance of the ceremony.

Then, it is time for the Mangalpheras. The couple circles the holy fire four times with their wedding scarves tied together. The four circles symbolize the four primary human goals of Dharma, Artha, Karma, and Moksha. These first steps mark the beginning of their lives together as both their families gather around them to celebrate. The bride and groom must also take seven steps together, representing their vows and promises they make to each other.

After their vows, it's time for the Kansar Bhakshan, their first meal together. The bride's mother brings the couple sweets called Kansar. The couple offers the Kansar Bhakshan to another as a symbol of their union. This beautiful ritual is accentuated by their joyous personality and cheery nature.

Then, it is time for the Mangal Sutra, Sindoor, and ring exchange. The Mangal Sutra is a sacred necklace made from black beads that the groom ties around the bride's neck. The groom then applies Sindoor to the center of her head, as a promise to fulfill her every wish. Angat promises to make Shrina happy, their lives marked by the beauty of their love and the happiness of the moments shared together. Lastly, the couple exchanges their wedding rings.

After the couple has exchanged their vows, it's time for the Akhand Saubhagyavati. The married women from the couple's family come and bless the bride by whispering "Akhand Saubhagyavati," in the bride's ear, which means "good luck, prosperity, and long, happy life." The bright and colorful wedding is like an omen for the happy life the couple will lead. The entire family celebrates this love in what can only be described as a day of pure joy.

The wedding ceremony has now concluded and the Maharaj, along with parents and elders of the couple's families, offer them blessings for a long and happy married life. The couple bends down to touch the feet of the Maharaj and their family elders as a form of worship known in the Hindu ceremony as the Ashirvaad, the first blessing as husband and wife.

Indian Wedding Reception

As the festivities start to wind down, the couple and their family and friends met in the main pool on the morning of the reception to continue living the joy of this occasion. Shrina and Angat describe how this was one of their favorite moments. This joyful time was the perfect way to close off this memorable wedding and get ready for the reception party.

As night descends, it is time for the wedding reception and the party. The exquisite food was catered by Taste of India Cancun who did a fantastic job to accompany this traditional ceremony. The coconuts were presented by Kocoo México. The ambiance and party were set by MVPDJs and DJ PARTY ROD Cancun'swedding Professional DJ's.

The entire Hindu wedding ceremony and the party were captured by Riviera Maya Jorge Rodriguez Photography's magic lens and Luis Armando Paredes Pérez Dreams Gate Films. The underwater photography was taken care of by the talented Debora Ducci of White Crown Photography.

As Shrina and Angat began their new life together as a married couple, they cannot help to look at their pictures and remember the magic of the event. From the moment they started planning, they say they enjoyed every bit of it. And that is Shrina's main advice for all brides. Enjoy the process, take in every moment, and don't stress! It's hard for anything to go wrong when your wedding is in paradise.

Maharani Weddings Feature:

Cancun, MX Indian Wedding by Jorge Rodriguez Photography

Cancun, MX Indian Wedding by Jorge Rodriguez Photography

Cancun, MX Indian Wedding by Jorge Rodriguez Photography

South Asian Wedding Film:

Cancun, MX Indian Wedding by Dreams Gate Films

Best Indian Wedding Photography Review:

LOVED Jorge and the team. He paid attention to the details and wanted to make sure he captured the right moments. We loved our photos and love sharing them with our friends and family to see. He was super easy to work with and I would definitely recommend him to anyone! You will not regret it! :)

- Shrina & Angat.

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